Newspaper_clipRelaxation, meditation, learning, peak performance, stress reduction and deeper sleep; these are just a few reasons why so many individuals worldwide are discovering the benefits of the PHOTOSONIX Audio Visual Stimulation (AVS) devices or Light and Sound machines. Also known as “Mind machines” our devices can gently guide your mind into desired states, such as helping you relax, sleep better, reach meditative states more quickly… and more. Whether you are a long time follower of neurotechnology or are just discovering its powerful possibilities, the many choices in the PHOTOSONIX products with variety of features offer quality experience. For many of us with stress in our lives, Light/Sound synthesizers have made it easier to reach that elusive few minutes of calm. Our products work for most that try them. Take a look at some of our Testimonials and why our customers love our company and our latest products.

Because Light & Sound devices (also known as Mind Machines) have many features, there are many choices. We offer the opportunity to get familiar not just with the use of the PHOTOSONIX Relaxation stimulation models but also with the terminology of the features. Please see our Relaxation Terms Glossary page, the information there can help you make an intelligent decision in what is important to you. We wish you great success in achieving stress-less future.