About Photosonix

PHOTOSONIX (photo: light, sonix: sound) is a registered trademark of Microfirm Inc., Signal Hill, CA 90755


“We get plenty of customers that order competing machines with yours, return them to exchange for one of your products.
On the other hand, it NEVER happens the other way.
Keep up the great work!” – Tools for Wellness

“I called Photosonix just a while ago to get information about repairing headphones that I’d damaged, and I’d like to thank the person who helped me — he was incredibly helpful, not just re this question, but while I had him on the line I had a couple of other questions and I think he solved all my problems over the phone. I’ve had my unit for years and years. It has served me well. I love it. Photosonix is a wonderful company.” – Jane

“What I like about Ray and you Zhana is that you do not bash the competition, you just bring out excellent product.” – Jeff Labno

“Subject: Nova broke need a new one.
Message Body:
Ray, it lasted for 21 years that’s a product you can be proud off.
jim brush

“I just wanted to thank you guys for making such an amazing product. I use these not only for relaxation but for quick reaction time in sports. I never thought it would work but it has upped my tennis game along with helping me relax during severe anxiety! Thank you!” -Danny

“Great machine and I’m impressed that this is the ONLY issue I have had since I’ve bought it, in about 2001. I’m really glad I bought it when I was able, and have carried my Nova from the South Pacific and back through a few states. You guys are the BEST! Thank you” – Ed

About us

The PHOTOSONIX product line is designed, manufactured, tested, packaged and shipped from our 8000 square foot facility here in Signal Hill, California, USA. We do more in house than anyone else in the business. We believe in making quality products.

Microfirm has been designing and manufacturing embedded microprocessor systems since 1981. Our design team, MAs in Electrical Engineering and BS in Industrial Design, combines a total of 54 years of experience in hardware and software design, engineering experience and consumer product design and development.

Microfirm has been in business longer than any other light/sound manufacturer. Our history is one of growth through innovative product development, quality manufacturing, and excellent customer service.

Our current products are in class of their own and our product line is always evolving. We do not offer features in any of our models for marketing value alone, or for the sake of just adding a new one. We work with professionals and therapists that use our machines in their offices in order to gain knowledge. The more knowledge we obtain the more our products evolve and the more useful features we can offer. Yet, our products are fun to use.

Please stay tuned, visit us, see what’s new. We are committed to offering a small respite from stress to everyone. We hope you enjoy
the experience.

All of us at PHOTOSONIX