pr_expanderThe Expander is a relaxation and meditation tool for seminars, demonstrations, research. Works with any light and sound relaxation device and up to 10 people can be connected to it.

Used often by hypnotherapists, learning, self motivational and peak performance seminar groups.

The Expander is a “specialty product”: a “specialty product” is a model we make but do not stock (it is built to order).

Allow 1-2 weeks delivery time.

Ten users at once, getting exactly the same session, with voiceover if desired, separate volume/intensity controls for each.

Works with any light/sound system (the Expander has no built in sessions). Great for demos, seminars, research.

starts at $2,500.00

Order with more options

Free with order of 100 PHOTOSONIX devices.

Expander features:

  • Accepts light and sound input from any light/sound system.
  • Stereo connectors for 10 headphones and 10 light frames (common ground)
  • Separate volume and intensity control for each user.
  • AC adapter included, can handle 10 light frames turned all the way up.
  • Inaudible coupling from light frames to headphones (that was tricky).
  • Expanders can be daisy chained to handle more users.


What you get: Expander chassis, AC adapter, 2 Stereo patch cords. 1 year warranty.