Feature Comparison Chart

This is the PHOTOSONIX Light and Sound Relaxation Product line quick feature comparison chart. All PHOTOSONIX Relaxation tools and mind machine accessories come with 30 day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty.


PHOTOSONIX models feature comparison chart

Features Nova Pro 100 InnerPulse Luma 10 Pro Tutor 2 Expander
Built in sessions 100 64 50 0 0
PC programmable  
Download session segments 1000 250 250 0
Downloaded sessions 100 25 25 0
Built in battery    
AC Adapter Optional Optional Optional
Includes 4 AA batteries    
2 user ready    
10 user ready    
Computer cable  
Free LS Designer disc    
External sound source connection
Stereo patch cord
Frequency range 0.25-42Hz 0.25-42 Hz .25-42 Hz 1-42 Hz 1-42 Hz
Pulsed Frequency tone  
Pulsed surf tone  
Pulsed Chord tone  
Binaural beats tone  
Binaural beats w/surf  
Dual binaural beats  
Dual monaural beats  
Breath pacing    
Improv sessions    
Personal preference  
Manual control  
Session time adjust  
Sine Wave lights    
Carrying case/bag Optional Optional Optional N/A