Feature Comparison Chart

This is the PHOTOSONIX Light and Sound Relaxation Product line quick feature comparison chart. All PHOTOSONIX Relaxation tools and mind machine accessories come with 30 day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty.  

PHOTOSONIX models feature comparison chart


Current PHOTOSONIX Devices Legacy models, for comparison only, no longer available.
 Lumina  NP100  Expander  InnerPulse


Built in sessions 50 100   64 50
LightWeave Sessions 36        
DayDream Sessions 10 10   10 10
Improv Sessions 5     5 5
Breath Pacing Sessions       5  
For more detailed comparison Manual Manual / Manual Manual
Download Session Segments   1000    250   
Aproximate Downloaded  
Sessions Capability   100   25  
Sessions Time Adjust  
Volume Control & Setting
0-100 in 40accurate steps        
CD quality 16 bit Sound        
External Sound Jack  
External Stereo Cord  
Intensity Control & Setting 
0-100 in 40accurate steps        
Sine Wave Lights    
Frequency Range 1-100Hz 0.25-42Hz 1-42Hz  0.25-42Hz 0.25-42Hz
Pulsed Frequency Tone  
Pulsed Surf Tone  
Pulsed Chord Tone  
Binaural Beats Tone  
Binaural Beats w/Surf  
Dual Binaural Beats  
Dual Monaural Beats    
Manual Control  
Personal Preference Setting    
4 AA Batteries      
Built in Rechargeable Battery        
AC Adapter      
Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery        
USB Wall Charger        
USB Cord        
PC Programmable        
L/Sound Sessions Designer Software        
16 LCD Display        
3 7 Segments Display        
PHOTOSONIX Computer Cord        
2 User Ready        
10 User Ready        
User Download Upgrades        
Carrying Case     Optional Optional