Luma 10


I love my mind machine. It helps me realax and I firmly believe it has improved my ability to retain information.” Jo

Redefining “Plug and Play”
Designed for those who want to simply “press a button and start relaxing”, the Luma10 is best suited for you with a sampler of all that we have to offer. Compact, light and super easy to use. A great starter system at a great price. Yet, the Luma 10 model has large variety of session versions. It includes 50 built in sessions 35 of which are using the new LightWeave TM technology and 5 Improv sessions.

The Improv sessions are created fresh and original at each playing each with its own frequency range. Endless variety within a frequency range. It has six octaves of pitch control, True sine wave sound and sine wave light modulation and all the sound capabilities of the Nova pro 100.

NEW: complex intensity control of LightWeave (TM), the lights always on for smooth, non-jarring stimulation. With the intensity focus moving from high to low and from eye to eye and delivering the full frequency range, the LightWeave technology is a floating like experience.

The Luma 10 also has auto power off, pause feature and session run time adjust. Gentle on-off, seven tones: pulsed tone, pulsed pink noise, pulsed chords, binaural beats, binaural beats with surf, dual binaural beats, dual monaural beats. Packed with features yet very easy to use machine to sample and enjoy all the variety our technology has to offer. Enjoy.

starts at $159

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    • 50 Built-in sessions, 35 with the LighWeave (TM) technology- See Session Library
    • Tone Selections/Capabilities and Range:
      • pulsed tone
      • pulsed pink noise
      • pulsed chords
      • binaural beats
      • binaural beats with surf
      • dual binaural beats
      • dual monaural beats
    • Frequency control from .25 to 42 Hertz
    • Four octaves of pitch using the Just scale
    • Sine wave sound, unusual in this price range.
    • Pitch ramping, unusual anywhere.
    • Session run time adjust.

  • Buy Now $10 Optional 110/220 Universal AC Adapter (6vdc 300ma) for Inner Pulse, Luma 10, Muse #, Pro Tutor 2, Halcyon and Theta 1
    To use the 110/220 AC Adapter in other than North America you will need one of the following wall plug transformers:
    Buy Now $5 AC Adapter wall plug only for above adapter for continental Europe (YL-2121)
    Buy Now $5 AC Adapter wall plug only for above adapter for England (YL-6021)
    Buy Now $5 AC Adapter wall plug only for above adapter for Australia (YL-3621)
    Buy Now $5 AC Adapter wall plug only for above adapter for Korea (YL-21K21)

  • “It’s been a while since I’ve seen visuals like these on any AVS
    Jeff Labno, product specialist

    First, I’d like to say I received my order immediately as promised and on time! THANK YOU!

    I trust your knowledge and insight on the design of your wonderful products and would highly recommend them to anyone interested in “Light and Sound Machines.” I’ve tested & owned several light and sound machines and I was extremely impresses with the Luma 10. This definetely has the best visuals I’ve seen in any light and sound machine by far! The computer/programs are easy to use; I was up running in minutes! I rally enjoy all the presets that comes with the Luma 10 and they ALL are VERY effective. I also highly recommend the “Cool Blue” Premium glasses, they are amazing!

    Keep up the great work!
    Rich, Houston, TX


What you get: System unit, stimulation glasses, stereo headphones, 4 AA batteries, stereo cord, manual.

FREE! Download the Luma10 manual from this web site! CLICK HERE


30 day money back guarantee*, 1 year warranty.