Pro Tutor


The Choice of Professionals
Based on popular demand by therapists and professionals that wanted control in tailoring their client’s sessions. This professional AVS tool is completely customizable. No built in sessions, you control all. With room for 25 downloadable sessions this model allows for great control over Light/Sound stimulation.

starts at $199

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  • Capacity for up to 25 downloaded sessions
    Five tones:
    – Pulsed tone with selectable pitch
    – Pulsed surf sound
    – Pulsed chord
    – Binaural beats
    – Dual Binaural beats
    Frequency control from 1 to 42 Hertz
    Four octaves of pitch control, just scale.
    Sine wave sound, unusual in this price range.
    Pitch ramping, unusual anywhere.
    Control of stimulation phase and duty cycle
    Session run time adjust.
  • Buy Now $10 Optional 110/220 Universal AC Adapter (6vdc 300ma) for Inner Pulse, Luma 10, Muse #, Pro Tutor 2, Halcyon and Theta 1
    To use the 110/220 AC Adapter in other than North America you will need one of the following wall plug transformers:
    Buy Now $5 AC Adapter wall plug only for above adapter for continental Europe (YL-2121)
    Buy Now $5 AC Adapter wall plug only for above adapter for England (YL-6021)
    Buy Now $5 AC Adapter wall plug only for above adapter for Australia (YL-3621)
    Buy Now $5 AC Adapter wall plug only for above adapter for Korea (YL-21K21)

What you get:

The Pro Tutor 2 model includes system unit, choice of glasses color, quality headphones, 4 AA batteries, stereo cord and a manual.

If you are purchasing a ProTutor2 for the first time here is what you will need to get started:
As we mention above the ProTutor 2 is a blank system that professionals customize. Most already have all they need to get started.
In the event you are purchasing a ProTutor 2 for the first time you will need:
– To also purchase a computer cable for the downloading of sessions into it.
– If you plan on designing special sessions for downloading (instead of downloading the choices we offer on our web site for free), you will also need the PHOTOSONIX Light/Sound Designer software for session design.
Note: For downloading from our web site the PHOTOSONIX Light/Sound Librarian software is available on the web site for downloading free of charge. The Librarian software helps keep track of what you have downloaded for yourself, or the individual client in his/her system.

1 year warranty.