Galaxy Pro (50) Session Library

The 50 Photosonix relaxation, meditation, learning, peak performance and sleep sessions that are in the Nova Pro are listed on this page

Creativity P01 23 min Music Creativity 3-24 Hz Chord Musical effects to inspire musical creativity
P02 28 min Hyper Alert Creativity 20-40 Hz Dbb Energizing, sharpen perception
P03 28 min Problem Solving 7.8-30 Hz Surf Relaxing/Energizing/Alternating stimulation
P04 52 min Imagination Stimulation 5-42 Hz Dbb Broad range, actively moving stimulation
P05 16 min Quick Inspiration 4.5-12Hz Chord Moves thru alpha and theta for relaxed creativity
Relaxation P06 15 min Relax Break 5-21 Hz Surf Down to theta, return to refreshed awareness
P07 46 min Relax and Back 3-14 Hz Dbb Down to theta/delta, return to relaxed alertness
P08 15 min Power Relaxation 10-11 Hz Dbb After a workout
P09 34 min Stress Killer 2-11 Hz Dbb/surf Pleasing tones and alpha/theta relaxation
P10 26 min Gates of Calmness 3.5-12 Hz Mixed Classic alpha/theta relaxation
Learning P11 15 min Quick Prestudy 4-12 Hz Dbb/surf Calming/focusing, create the mood for study
P12 16 min Quick Poststudy 1-12 Hz Dbb/surf Relaxed delta integration and return to awareness
P13 51 min Assisted Assimilation 6-12 Hz bb surf Tries for the hypnogogic state for suggestibility
P14 28 min Learning Preparation 4-20 Hz Tone An adaptation of classic light/sound learning
P15 42 min Logical Learning 4-24 Hz Dbb Spocks approach to learning
P16 44 min Language Learning 5-12 Hz Dbb Relaxation for rote learning
Sleep P17 43 min Relax into Sleep 1-12 Hz Tone Classic light/sound sleep, ramps to delta
P18 37 min Pleasant Dreams, Sleepy Head 2.5-10 Hz Dbb A powerful dual binaural beats sleep assist
P19 42 min Knockout! 1–14 Hz Dbb A still more powerful sleep assist
P20 42 min/10 hrs Overnight, Gentle wakeup 1-14 Hz Dbb Sleep induction and wakeup
P21 42 min/10 hrs Overnight, Energizing wakeup 1-30 Hz Dbb Like P20 but more energizing wakeup
Visuals P22 31 min Active Visualization 4-12 Hz Dbb Alpha/theta ramps encourage visualization
P23 23 min Mental Image Development 4.5-42 Hz Tone A variation on the theme of P22
P24 46 min Dreamy Visuals 4.5-11 Hz Dbb/surf Stepped soothing theta for dreamlike images
Meditation P25 32 min Meditation of Earth 4-24 Hz Tone The Schumann resonance and harmonics
P26 33 min Earth Grounding 4-24 Hz Dbb Schumann resonance and harmonics with chord fifths
P27 36 min “om” Meditation 4-24 Hz bb surf Schumann resonance with Indian “sa”
P28 50 min Mind Awake, Body Asleep 2.5-15 Hz Dbb Body resting, mind awake for possible oobe
P29 40 min Chakra Balancing 7,14 Hz Dbb/surf An accompaniment to chakra meditation
P30 39 min Kundalini Meditation 7,14 Hz bb surf An assist in arousing the Kundalini
Energizers P31 17 min Pre-Workout 1-21 Hz Dbb Psych up for a workout
P32 17 min AM Pumper 1-14 Hz Dbb A gentle ramp up for the day
P33 24 min Afternoon Power Booster 2-24 Hz Tone/Surf Relax then energize
For Fun P34 19 min Black Hole 1-42 Hz Dbb A wild voyage with swirling dual binaural beats
P35 26 min Primal 3’s and 1’s 3-36 Hz Dbb Go primitive spiritual with mystic 3’s
P36 35 min Nirvanaphoria 1-24 Hz bb surf Musical microloops of pure enjoyment
P37 25 min Orbital Motion & Spin 3.5-12 Hz Dual bb Movement and rhythm plus alpha relaxation
P38 16 min Photo Coaster 1-42 Hz Dual bb The Photosonix photocoaster
P39 28 min Mr. O’s Wild Ride 1-42 Hz Tone/surf Microloops and ramps with a motorcycle sound
Special P40 20 min Low Range Aerobic Jumps 4-10 Hz Mixed Random 5 second jumps in alpha/theta
P41 20 min Mid Range Aerobic Jumps 7-13 Hz Mixed Random 5 second jumps in alpha
P42 20 min High Range Aerobic Jumps 10-18 Hz Chord Random 5 second jumps in alpha/beta
P43 30 min Hemispheric Cross-Talk 1-42 Hz Tone/surf Ramps and steps in alternating phase
P44 34 min Cosmic Consciousness 3.5-21Hz Dbb A mystical awakening into high consciousness
P45 30 min Remedy Session 10 Hz bb surf Back to normal
P46 30 min Memory/Recall 4.5-14 Hz bb surf Tries for the hypnogogic state
P47 50 min Square Breathing 1-40 Hz Dbb A breathing exercise
P48 15 min Sensual Magic 7-42 Hz Dbb Erotic Encouragement
P49 20 min Hut-Ten-Hut! 10,18 Hz Chord Assists in reducing distractions
P50 18 min Banish the Winter Blues 30-40 Hz Chord Flickering lights help with dark day blues