Halcyon Session Library

The 30 Photosonix relaxation, meditation, learning, peak performance and sleep sessions that are in the Halcyon are listed on this page.

Create, Visualize P01 30 Creative Flow 1-42 Hz Dbb, bb surf Help with creative block
P02 33 Stream of Consciousness 6-24 Hz Dbb Inspire Creativity
P03 48 Visualization 7.8-30Hz Dbb An assist to mental imagery
Relax P04 28 Stress Buffer 5-12 Hz Dbb Alpha/Theta cool down & relax
P05 21 Peace and Relaxation 5-14 Hz Dbb Gentle dual binaural beat alpha/theta
P06 35 Cyberbeach 6-20 Hz bb/surf Visit the photosonix seashore
Learn P07 17 Quick Pre-study Focus 2-18 Hz Dbb Use before study or any focused attention task
Meditate P08 46 Deep Trance 7 Hz bb/surf A low alpha soak with surf
P09 40 Shaman’s Journey 7-42 Hz Dbb A voyage into a deep mystical state
Sleep P10 45 TKO 4.5-10Hz Dbb, bb/surf Technological knockout
P11 37 The 37 minute nap 2-14 Hz Dbb A refreshing 37 minutes
P12 17 Back to sleep 1.5-2 Hz Dbb A sleep aid after being disturbed in the night
Energize P13 23 UMPH! 14-42 Hz Dbb A morning tonic to get your motor running
P14 16 Speed 12-42 Hz Dbb Photosonix speed in beta and gamma
Fun & games P15 10 Salt’N’Pepper shaker 1-42 Hz Dbb A light’n’sound version of the carnival ride
P16 35 U.F.O. 1-42 Hz Dbb, bb/surf A UFO abduction in light and sound
P17 17 Corkscrew 1-32 Hz Dbb, bb/surf Corkscrew spins and spirals
Special P18 19 Beta Aerobics 14-42 Hz Surf Frequency jumps every 5 seconds, an energizing workout
P19 19 Alpha/theta Aerobics 3-12 Hz Dbb Five second jumps to smooth out alpha and theta
P20 26 Wide range aerobics 1-36 Hz Surf Aerobic jumps over the whole range
Mood 5 P21 5 Calmdown 7-18 Hz Dbb Rolling alpha/theta for jangled nerves
P22 5 Focus 7.8-24Hz Dbb Assists focused attention
P23 5 Revup 7-42 Hz Dbb A beta/gamma charge up
P24 5 Timeout 4-14 Hz Dbb Calming rhythms and soothing tones
P25 5 Wired 9-42 Hz Dbb Get wired with racing beta/gamma
Mood 10 P26 10 Daily Escape 6-12 Hz Dbb Escape from a stressful day
P27 10 Reset 3-28 Hz Dbb A session with lots of movement to get you back on track
P28 10 Unstick 3-34 Hz Dbb A “feel good” session
P29 10 Varoom! 1-42 Hz Dbb A tonic for the sluggish feeling
P30 10 Waves of Calm 7.8-12Hz Dbb Peaceful and relaxing