Luma10 Session Library

The 50 PHOTOSONIX relax, special, meditate, sleep, learn, energize, create/visualize, entertain and Improv sessions that are in the Luma 10 are listed on this page. The new LightWeave (a 3D kind of light and sound) technology is incorporated in 35 of the sessions and are marked with (LW) after the session name. Enjoy.

Relax r01 5 min Calm Down 7-11 Hz Dbb Rolling alpha/theta wave soak. Use as a quick balancer.
r02 5 min Timeout 3-15 Hz Dbb Experience a relaxed mood with calming rhythms and soothing tones.
r03 10 min Daily Escape 6-12 Hz Dbb Great for a short break.
r04 10 min Waves of Calm 7.83-12 Hz Dbb Waves of calmness, peaceful and smooth.
r05 15 min Power Relaxation (LW) 10-11 Hz Dbb Relaxation that feels it is for the body, a “Power walk of the mind”
r06 22 min HappyTime Alpha (LW) 9-12 Hz Dbb Spend some mood elevat4ed “happy time” in Alpha!
Special P01 10 min Reset (LW) 1.5-20 Hz Dbb Reset your mind, get focused and relieve boredom.
P02 15 min Sensual Magic (LW) 7-40 Hz Dbb Beta range stimulation in 4 octave pitch tones.
P03 15 min Alpha semi-non Regular flicker left eye (LW) 9-12 Hz Dbb Aimed at LEFT EYE – RIGHT BRAIN
P04 15 min Alpha semi-non Regular flicker right eye (LW) 9-12 Hz Dbb Aimed at RIGHT EYE – LEFT BRAIN
P05 15 min Alpha semi-non Regular flicker both eyes (LW) 3-24 Hz Dbb Aimed at both eyes.
P06 18 min Banish the winter blues 30-40 Hz PCh The lights come on slowly as the stimulation Frequency reduces.
P07 20 min Left Eye (LW) 10 Hz PSu This session is useful for EEG training.
P08 20 min Right Eye (LW) 10 Hz PSu This session is useful for EEG training.
P09 42 min Mind Awake Body Asleep (LW) 2.5-15 Hz Dbb A dynamic state in which the body is resting.
P10 42 min Remote viewing (LW) 3-15 Hz Dbb Designed to enhance the mindset required for remote viewing.
Meditate d01 21 min Delta Expanse (LW) .25-10 Hz PSu Begin in Alpha and take 21 minutes sojourn into Delta.
d02 23 min Shumann’s Lo Meditation (LW) 7.83-15 Hz Dbb Low pitches and the Schumann resonance combined for meditation.
d03 24 min Quasar U4EA (LW) 1-12 Hz dSb Session moves through alpha, theta and delta.
d04 33 min Earth Grounding (LW) 4-24 Hz Dbb Schumann resonance and its harmonics with Dbb.
d05 33 min “OM” Meditation (LW) 4-24 Hz bbS Soothing cosmic sound of surf combined with Schumann resonance.
d06 35 min Cosmic Consciousness (LW) 3.5-20 Hz Dbb For mystical awakening associated with many eastern religions.
d07 40 min Kunadalini meditation (LW) 7-14 Hz Dbb/PSu For assisting in creating a deeply relaxed state.
d08 41 min Super-Zen 7 (LW) 3.5-42 Hz bbS For mind exploration and shamanic experimentation.
d09 44 min Into the VOID with Zoe Seven (LW) .25-14 Hz Dbb For mind exploration and shamanic experimentation.
Sleep S01 23 min Quick Nap (LW) 2-15 Hz dSb A 5 minute descent into a 16 minute nap.
S02 32 min Sleep Tranquilizer (LW) .25-12 Hz Dbb A sleep trainer utilizing ramping introduction into Delta.
S03 45 min TKO 2-10 Hz dbb/bbS “Technological Knock Out 2″a high tech sleep aid.
S04 43 min You are Getting Very Sleepy .25-10 Hz Dbb Follow the lights and drift off.
Learn L01 15 min Focus 7.83-28 Hz Dbb Prepare for tasks that involve focused attention.
L02 10 min Unstick 1.5-34 Hz Dbb Get unstuck from mental loops.
L03 15 min In the mood to learn (LW) 4-14 Hz Dbb Short but focusing and calming.
L04 15 min Cat Focus (LW) 14 Hz Dbb Get ready to “pounce” on your daily duties.
L05 20 min Hypnogogia (LW) 6-10 Hz Dbb Enhance your intuitive, creative and visualization abilities.
L06 21 min Attention! (LW) 1-018 Hz PCh The classic light/sound session for reducing distractions.
Energize E01 5 min Wired 9-42 Hz Dbb Gamma waves, beta waves and stretching pitches
E02 5 min Revup 7-42 Hz Dbb Rev up with energizing beta and gamma waves.
E03 10 min Varoom 1-42 Hz Dbb A motivational session, a body/mind tonic
E04 15 min Gamma Zone (LW) 12-24 Hz PCh Explore the hyper-alert “Gamma” state of mind/
E05 18 min Pre-Workout (LW) 1-20 Hz Dbb Dual binaural beats with beta offsets centered on low pitched tones.
E06 21 min Morning jumpstart (LW) 1-14 Hz Dbb Get a jumpstart on the day, phase ramp stimulation.
E07 25 min Beta SuperCharger (LW) 10-30 Hz PCh High Beta stimulation! Anytime you need a boost of energy.
Create/Visualize C01 33 min Cre-8-ive Flow (LW) 6-24 Hz Dbb Get in touch with your creative conciousness.
Entertain/Fun F01 11 min Mr. O’s LightWeave Coaster (LW) .25-32 Hz PSu Ride the LightWeave “Coaster”… and hold on!
F02 14 min Mind Spinner (LW) .75-42 Hz Dbb Take a spin around the block inside your mind!
Improv i01 30 Theta Improv 3.00-6.5 Hz bb surf Randomly selected segment time.
i02 30 Alpha Improv 7.00-11.00 Hz bb surf Randomly selected segment time.
i03 30 SMR Improv 12-15 Hz PFr Randomly selected segment time.
i04 30 Beta Imrov 16-26 Hz PFr Randomly selected segment time.
i05 30 Gamma Improv 32-42 Hz PFr Randomly selected segment time.