Muse Sharp Session Library

The 30 Photosonix relaxation, meditation, learning, peak performance and sleep sessions that are in the Muse Sharp are listed on this page.

Creativity P01 26 Musical Creativity 1-36 Hz Chord/dbb Musical effects to inspire musical creativity
P02 35 Creative Mindset 2-40 Hz Dbb Microloops, changing frequency and phase
P03 31 Crosstalk Creativity 1-12 Hz Surf Alternating phases encourage hemispheric crosstalk
P04 31 Visualization 8-12 Hz Dbb Frequency/pitch ramps in alpha & beta
P05 36 High Consciousness 3.5-21Hz Dbb Eastern tradition higher consciousness
Relaxation P06 32 Relaxing Calmness 3-14 Hz Tone/surf Alpha/theta variations with return to refreshed awareness
P07 40 Time Out 2-11 Hz Dual bb Dual binaural beats mostly in alpha, relieve stress
P08 26 Music Enjoyment 9-24 Hz Surf Alpha waves to accompany music
Learning P09 21 Focused Learning 4-14 Hz Dbb Relaxing alpha/theta, before study
P10 32 Memory/Recall 1-14 Hz Tone Meanders in alpha/theta help recall visions
Meditation P11 36 Earth Meditation 7.83-12 Hz Surf Surf sounds at the earth resonance frequency
P12 59 Chakra Meditation 7,14,21 Hz Dbb Accompaniment to chakra meditation
P13 50 Mind Awake, Body Asleep 1-10 Hz Dbb Body rests, mind awake for possible oobe
Sleep P14 42 Catnap with Return 3-14 Hz Dbb Ramps to delta, stays for 18 minutes, returns
P15 34 Mr. Sandman 2.5-11 Hz Dbb Ramps to delta, fades out
Fun P16 45 Gyroscope 1-40 Hz Dbb Entertaining ramps and microloops, good with music
P17 27 A-Muse-Ment Park 1.5-40Hz Chord/surf A journey in the Muse fun park
P18 65 Warp 1-40 Hz Dbb A dual binaural beats mind-warping adventure
Special P19 18 High NRG 1–21 Hz Dbb Low pitch with beta offsets for energetic stimulation
P20 20 High range aerobics 10-18 Hz Mixed Random frequency changes every 5 seconds
Mood 5 P21 5 Calmdown 7-18 Hz Dbb Rolling alpha/theta for jangled nerves
P22 5 Focus 7.8-24Hz Dbb Assists focused attention
P23 5 Revup 7-42 Hz Dbb A beta/gamma charge up
P24 5 Timeout 4-14 Hz Dbb Calming rhythms and soothing tones
P25 5 Wired 9-42 Hz Dbb Get wired with racing beta/gamma
Mood 10 P26 10 Daily Escape 6-12 Hz Dbb Escape from a stressful day
P27 10 Reset 3-28 Hz Dbb A session with lots of movement to get you back on track
P28 10 Unstick 3-34 Hz Dbb A “feel good” session
P29 10 Varoom! 1-42 Hz Dbb A tonic for the sluggish feeling
P30 10 Waves of Calm 7.8-12Hz Dbb Peaceful and relaxing