We offer the LARGEST variety of glasses available anywhere for Light/Sound Machines.

Why do we offer so many different stimulation colors in the glasses?
Because the choices of color are important. Our experience tells us that not one color fits everyone and not one color is the best for all.

Beware of makers of devices with claims that only one (theirs) kind of glasses works wonders. For personal growth, the color is a personal choice, sometimes for comfort, sometimes for change. Most importantly, the more suitable and soothing the color the more enjoyable your relaxation journey. Color choices are also important because for many, often, changing the color changes the feeling and experience of relaxation. By changing the color one can change the experience of the same session. Try it, you will not be disappointed!

“Thanks for infusing new life into my very regular meditation routine.
I’ve used a light and sound machine for 15 years but the new glasses (ColorTrack four) take the effectiveness of the unit to an entirely different level. Thanks for infusing new life into my very regular meditation routine.” Keith



Standard Glasses

Standard Glasses Choices – $55 each

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The glasses can be used on all our models when purchased with the CG(common ground) polarity. They also work with other manufacturers models when purchased in CP(common power) polarity.




ColorTrack Pro Glasses – $145 each

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For a review of the ColorTrack Pro, please click here.



hemiStim Speciality Glasses

hemiStim Specialty Glasses Choices – $129 each

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Specialty glasses are not items we make in advance and keep in stock, they are built per order. Please allow few days or up to a week time for delivery. We will inform you if we foresee longer delays.

Important Note – Polarities: We make both kinds of polarities because we offer color glasses choices to all users of Light and Sound Relaxation stimulation device users, not just our models. The polarity of the glasses you need is not determined by the glasses, it is determined by the polarity of the device they will be used with. Although we like helping out and sending everyone quality glasses to replace the old and worn out ones, please keep in mind that some of the devices by other manufacturers do not have the battery power to run PHOTOSONIX glasses. Or even the software to do so, especially with the PHOTOSONIX ColorTrack4 glasses.