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“Just had a chance to test out the new designer. It works! Thank you so much for the work. I’m so happy to finally pick up again and make customizations to the programs I wanted. The unit has helped me a lot and I’m tryly grateful you are still putting the tech out there.”
Welcome to the PHOTOSONIX Stimulation Sessions Download Page. If you purchased a PHOTOSONIX downloadable system, you can download additional sessions itno it. Here you will find sessions you can download into your PHOTOSONIX system.

Downloading Sessions is Easy!
1. Do you have a copy of the PHOTOSONIX Light and Sound Librarian software?
If yes, go to Step 2. If no, read on… Light/Sound Librarian software allows complete control of your choice of sessions that you can download. It can download one or a batch of sessions and can also print your current sessions list for further reference. The free Librarian software is the easiest way to keep tabs on your personal session libraries. Click here to download.


2. Select from the type of Session Libraries below:
Learning Sessions Library(20),

Fun & Games Sessions Library (15),

Meditation/Creativity Sessions Library (20)

Sessions Exchange (15),


The above links will allow you to review the sessions from each Library prior to downloading them.


3. Additional Download Instructions
For your own further reference, more comprehensive download instructions are available for you to print via this link.

If you purchased a downloadable machine, it came with a PHOTOSONIX computer cord.


USB to Serial port adapter is available from various vendors on the Internet. For one tested and recommended, please see customer comment bellow.

 “I took your advice and found the following product at
       (Keyspan by Tripp Lite USA-19HS Hi- Speed USB Serial Adapter, PC, MAC)
       Using this adaptor I had no trouble downloading library sessions to my Nova Pro.
       Thanks, Alan “

Attention Macintosh users:

LS Designer and sessions Libraries will work on a Macintosh* equipped with a Virtual PC from Connectix and a Mac Serial Adapter. The adapter is available from 3Com but is not sold on their website – you have to call them at (800) 881-7256 and order the Macintosh Serial adapter, part no. 10116U.
* This information was graciously made available to us by Mr. Jim Caruth, a Nova Pro 100 owner.

Click Here to Download Learning Library Sessions

When downloading, you will receive all 20 Light & Sound Sessions. Clicking a session title will download just one session.

Class, code or library Time Frequency range Tone Session notes/description and size (in segments)
Imagistic Learning LRN01 LRN 30min 4.0-12.0 Hz dbb A session that may assist in the learning of subjects that deal with mental imagery (9)
Mental image development LRN02 LRN 45min 4.0-12.0 Hz PFr Develop images and learn with pulsed frequencies (11)
Memorizer LRN03 LRN 18min 1.0-12.0 Hz dbb A short session designed for use before memorization exercises for greater retention of information (7)
Memorizer 2 LRN04 LRN 30min 1.0-12.0 Hz PSu/bb Preparation for memorizing study material as spelling lists or historical dates (9)
Long Term memory LRN05 LRN 40min 2.5-12.0 Hz dbb Assists in long term retention of information (11)
Hemispheric cross talk learning LRN06 LRN 33min 4.5-12.0 Hz bb Promotes left/right crosstalk for whole brain learning (8)
Dual binaural crosstalk  LRN07 LRN 25min 4.5-12.0 Hz dbb Whole brain learning with dual binaural beats (7)
Logical Learning  LRN08 LRN 20min 7.0-11.0 Hz dbb Used before studying logic based subjects (7)
Logic Learning  LRN09 LRN 30min 7.0-11.0 Hz PSu A classic style session for learning logic based subjects (9)
Logic Sweeper  LRN10 LRN 45min 6.5-12.0 Hz dbb An extra strength logic session using sweeps and dual binaural beats (5)
Language Learning  LRN11 LRN 22min 1.5-11.0 Hz PSu/bb Intended for use before studying languages  (10)
Foreign Language Learning  LRN12 LRN 40min 1.5-11.0 Hz dbb Assistance in studying a difficult to learn foreign language (10)
Attention and Focus LRN13 LRN 26min 10.0-18.0 Hz PSu The classic style l/s session for enhancing focus and reducing distraction (6)
Attention and Focus 2 LRN14 LRN 20min 10.0-18.0 Hz dbb The classic style l/s session for enhancing focus and reducing distraction (8)
Attention and Focus Plus LRN15 LRN 14min 5.5-26.0 Hz dbb An experimental version of the attention and focus session using out of phase stimulation to inhibit unwanted frequencies in the theta range (14)
Attention and Focus Plus 2 LRN16 LRN 30min 5.0-26.0 Hz PCh Same as 15, except using pulsed chords (11)
Subliminal Learning LRN17 LRN 30min 4.0-12.0 Hz PSu Intended for use with subliminal audio tapes to strengthen their effectiveness (7)
Subliminal Learning 2 LRN18 LRN 30min 4.0-12.0 Hz dbb/bbs Same as 17, but using dual binaural beats (7)
The Suggestive State LRN19 LRN 60min 6.0-12.0 Hz PSu Useful for hypnosis and implanting suggestions, it is best combined with positive affirmations (8)
The Suggestive State 2 LRN20 LRN 60min 6.0-12.0 Hz dbb/bbS A dual binaural version of LRN19 (7)

Click Here to Download Fun & Games Sessions

When downloading, you will receive all 15 Light & Sound Sessions. Clicking a session title will download just one session.

Class, code or library Time Frequency range Tone Session notes/description and size (in segments)
Mr. O’s Wild Ride (second edition) F&G01  F&G  15min  30sec 2.0-42.0 Hz PSu  The sequel to the popular session in the Nova Pro.
Fireworks F&G02  F&G 12min 1.0-42.0 Hz  PSu/PFr A light/sound interpretation of fireworks
Bounce F&G03  F&G 24min 1.0-42.0 Hz dbb Frequency and pitch bounce up and down over the entire range
Gamma Blaster F&G04  F&G 32min 7.0-42.0 Hz dbb/bbs A gamma ray blast to get your mind racing
Eggbeater F&G05  F&G 20min 1.0-42.0 Hz PCh Fasten your seat belt for light & sound helicopter ride
Alpha/Theta Waverider F&G06  F&G 30min 5.0-40.0 Hz dbb/bbs Ride the relaxation alpha/theta waves
Warp Drive F&G07  F&G 15min 2.0-40.0 Hz dbb/bbs Stow away on a warp drive voyage into deep mental space
Vortex F&G08  F&G 25min 1.0-42.0 Hz dbb Dare to stare into the spinning vortex-a mind twisting adventure
Mellow Stairway F&G09  F&G 38min 6.0-22.0 Hz bbs Follow the stairway to mellow out with 5 second steps of alpha/theta, with sometimes beta bumps along the ride
Melt F&G10  F&G 24min 2.0-42.0 Hz dbb A mind melting adventure
Scrambler F&G11  F&G 13min  5.0-26.0 Hz  PCH/bb Mind scrambling pulsed chord microloops with relaxing binaural beats stirred in
Laser battle F&G12  F&G 15min 1.0-42.0 Hz dbb/bbs A Star Wars laser battle captured in light & sound
Slow, Fast & Go F&G13  F&G 14min 1.0-20.0 Hz PCH/PSu Scans the frequency range from slow delta to fast beta, and thru octave chord progressions in alpha
Unwinder F&G14  F&G 23min 1.0-42.0 Hz dbb “Unwind your Mind’ and relax trip.
Sweeper F&G15  F&G 25min 2.0-34.0 Hz PSu A variety of sweeps up and down in frequency

Click Here to Download Meditation/Creativity Sessions

When downloading, you will receive all 20 Light & Sound Sessions. Clicking a session title will download just one session.

Class, code or library Time Frequency range Tone Session notes/description and size (in segments)
Alpha Chakra Balance MED01 Meditation/Creativity 35min 10.0 Hz dbb Balanced relaxing alpha at 10 Hz.
The “Untime” State MD02 Meditation/Creativity 39min 7.0-14.0 Hz dbb/bbs Experience a state of mind with a lack of awareness of time. Requires practice.
Square Breathing Meditation MD03 Meditation/Creativity 17min 4.0-15.0 Hz bbs Breath slowly and deeply during the 5 minute introduction, then follow the breathing exercise stated.
Kundalini Meditation MD04 Meditation/Creativity 35min 7.0 Hz dbb Encourages the rise of the kundalini, a mystical energy force at the base of the spine in the yoga tradition.
Mystic Voyage MD05 Meditation/Creativity 23min 4.0-36.0 Hz FSL A deep meditation with descending ramps and beta blasts in alternating mode.
Clasic Meditation MD06 Meditation/Creativity 31min 4.0-12.0 Hz bbS A general use “classic style” meditation session in binaural beats with surf.
Schumann Resonance Meditation MD07 Meditation/Creativity 30min 7.83-15.0 Hz bbS Surf sounds and binaural beats centered around the resonant frequency of 7.83.
Mind Alert and Body Sleeps MD08 Meditation/Creativity 45min 3.0-10.0 Hz bbS Promotes a state of keen mental awareness while relaxing the body.
Meditation and Vision MD09 Meditation/Creativity 29min 4.5-36.0 Hz PSu A deep meditation with alternating microloops to enhance vision.
Deep Earth Meditation with Ghost Freq. MD10 Meditation/Creativity 35min 7.0-12.0 Hz dbb The dual binaural beat stimulation frequency at 0.83 and 0.5 Hz, very low delta for deep meditation
Creative Inspiration CREAT01 Meditation/Creativity 34min 5.5-24.0 Hz dbb Frequency independent dual binaural beats in octave chords to stimulate creative thinking.
Creative Inspiration CREAT02 Meditation/Creativity 35min 5.5-30.0 Hz F-S Pulsed tones and surf to stimulate creative thinking.
Musical Chord Creativity CREAT03 Meditation/Creativity 26min 4.0-42.0 Hz PCh Pulsed chord progressions with a light show designed to promote creativity.
Hypercreativity CREAT04 Meditation/Creativity 37min 1.0-42.0 Hz PFr Pulsed tones in the gamma range.
Hypercreativity CREAT05 Meditation/Creativity 37min 1.0-42.0 Hz dbb Dual binaural beats in the gamma range.
Imaginarium CREAT06 Meditation/Creativity 27 6.0-32.0 Hz bbS Let your imagination run wild with binaural beats and surf with a surprise microloop.
Classic Creativity CREAT07 Meditation/Creativity 36min 5.5-12.00 Hz PSu Reminiscent of creativity programs from the light/sound sessions of yesteryear.
Microloop Creativity CREAT08 Meditation/Creativity 26min 3.5-36.0 Hz F-S Microloop stimulation at 5 second intervals.
Problem Solving CREAT09 Meditation/Creativity 30min 7.83-30.0 Hz dbb Put your problems aside during the session and relax…
Juice Blender CREAT10 Meditation/Creativity 28min 6.0-30.0 Hz dbb Stir up some juices and blend in some inspiration.

Software and additional sessions

Light/Sound Designer software
Tested up to Windows 7, PC based session design software. Light and Sound Designer is a great tool for looking up sessions, changing and/or designing new sessions for downloading into the Nova Pro, Muse Sharp and the Pro Tutor Pro.   When you want to know what segments have what parameters (or steal session ideas) the software includes the 50 Nova Pro and the 30 Muse# built in sessions. The session parameters can be seen displayed on the screen and adjusted with a touch of a button. Easy to use and change areas of sessions you enjoy, eliminate areas that don’t work for you. You can do this with either the spreadsheet screen or the graphics screen. The “new and improved” personal sessions can than be downloaded into your system. Light/Sound Designer is extremely accurate in the presentation of the session segments and very intuitive to use.

Light/Sound Designer for the InnerPulse $39.00 (+SH).  
Note: Light/Sound Designer 100 is included with a purcahse of the Nova Pro 100. If you own a Nova Pro 100 and would like to download LSDS please contact us for the link to the URL where it is posted, as the link changes periodically.

Session codes (where they came from):

  • NP (Nova Pro)
  • NP1 (Nova Pro 100)
  • MU# (Muse Sharp)
  • HAL (Halcyon)
  • F&G (Fun&Games library)
  • LRN (Learning Library)
  • RS (Relaxation/Sleep Library)
  • MC (Meditation/Creativity Library)
  • SM (Short mood change library)

Join the session exchange program!

If you have a session you have designed and would like to share with others, please send it to us (in our LS Designer format). In order to get credit please include your name, session’s name, a short description of the session and why you like or recommend the session.
The sessions will then be posted here so others can enjoy them. Periodically, we offer the latest top of the line model in a session excchange contest. Notifications when we offer the contests are sent via our Minscapes Newsletter.

Sessions Exchange

SUBMITTED:   September 2014
BY:   James Hopton
AUTHOR NOTES: “I am very proud of it, and have experienced great results with friends who have tried it. So I present the Alpha Wave Rider.”
AUTHOR’S DESCRIPTION: “Let the relaxing descent in frequency combined with ascending voice frequency sweep you away as you ride on the Alpha Wave! Good not only for peaceful relaxation, calm reflection and mental reorganization are possible during the dbb loops. If you owe your body a sleep debt, you may find yourself having a light snooze toward the end!”
DOWNLOAD SESSION:   Alpha Wave Rider 1
SUBMITTED:   October 2014
BY:   Raymond Ashby
AUTHOR’S DESCRIPTION: “This session is designed to put you into the theta state of mind. It starts at 10 hz and it ramps down to 7 hz, then it ramps down to 6 hz, then to 5 hz and finally it ramps down to 4 hz.”