Nova Pro 100 Session Library

The 100 PHOTOSONIX relax, meditate, sleep, learn, energize, create/visualize, entertain and special sessions that are in the Nova Pro 100 are listed on this page.


Relax r01 15 min Relax Break 5-21 Hz Surf Down to theta, return to refreshed awareness
r02 46 min Relax and Back 3-14 Hz Dbb Down to theta/delta, return to relaxed alertness
r03 15 min Power Relaxation 10-11 Hz Dbb After a workout
r04 34 min Stress Killer 2-11 Hz Dbb/surf Pleasing tones and alpha/theta relaxation
r05 26 min Gates of Calmness 3.5-12 Hz Mixed Classic alpha/theta relaxation
r06 5 min Calmdown 2.5-18 Hz Dbb A rolling Alpha/theta wave soak
r07 10 min Daily Escape 7-12 Hz Dbb A Quick breaktime
r08 5 min Timeout 4-15 Hz Dbb Five minutes of calming rhythms and soothing tones
r09 10 min Waves of Calm 7.83-12 Hz Dbb Waves of calmness, peaceful and smooth
r10 22 min Relax Wave 7-15 Hz Bb/surf Ocean waves and low pitched binaural beats
r11 15 min Alpha Zone 8.5-11 Hz Dsb Alphazone for relaxation and visuals
r12 25 min Lite/Low Relax 3-13 Hz Dbb A mid relaxation session
r13 24 min Alpha Theta Relax 8-28 Hz Tone Classic alpha-theta relaxation
r14 15 min Coffee Break 7-40 Hz Tone Classic break session
r15 43 min Deep Rest 1-38 Hz Dbb A total rebuild and repair, use with nature sounds
Meditate d01 32 min Meditation of Earth 4-24 Hz Tone The Schumann resonance and harmonics
d02 33 min Earth Grounding 4-24 Hz Dbb Schumann resonance and harmonics w/chord fifths
d03 36 min “om” Meditation 4-24 Hz bb/surf Schumann resonance with Indian “sa”
d04 50 min Mind Awake, Body Asleep 2.5-15 Hz Dbb Body resting, mind awake for possible oobe
d05 40 min Chakra Balancing 7,14 Hz Dbb/surf An accompaniment to chakra meditation
d06 39 min Kundalini Meditation 7,14 Hz bb/surf An assist in arousing the Kundalini
d07 34 min Cosmic Consciousness 3.5-21Hz Dbb A mystical awakening into high consciousness
d08 50 min Square Breathing 1-40 Hz Dbb A breathing exercise
d09 23 min 7.83 Hz Low Meditation 7.83-15 Hz Dbb A combination of low pitches with 7.83 Hz
d10 45 min Deep Meditation 5-13 Hz Dbb A deep meditation featuring low pitches
d11 36 min Deep Low Meditation 0.25-16 Hz Dsb Deep bass tones and low binaural beats offsets
d12 34 min Dep ‘n Back 0.25-13 Hz Dsb Deep refreshing relaxation/meditation session
d13 38 min Delta Blast 1.5-16 Hz Dbb Visual stimulation in Delta with audio in higher Hz
d14 43 min Remote Viewing 3-22 Hz Dbb Use with natural sounds such as ocean, brook or rain
Sleep S01 43 min Relax into Sleep 1-12 Hz Tone Classic light/sound sleep, ramps to delta
S02 37 min Pleasant Dreams, Sleepy Head 2.5-10 Hz Dbb A powerful dual binaural beats sleep assist
S03 42 min Knockout! 1–14 Hz Dbb A still more powerful sleep assist
S04 42 min Catnap 3-16 hz Dbb Ramps deep into delta for 18 minutes
S05 34 min Mr. Sandman 3-11 Hz Dbb Beins in alpha and ramps to delta
S06 37 min Deepsleep 0.50-8.50 Hz Dsb Sleep session using the new dual monaural beats
S07 45 min Zonko 1-10 Hz Tone A starlight special sleep session
S08 44 min Taps 1-15 Hz Tone A traditional sleep assist session fading out at 1 Hz
S09 23 min Quick Nap 2-15 Hz Dsb A 5 min descent into a 16 min nap and quick return
S10 45 min TKO 1-10 hz Mixed A high tech sleep aid
Learn L01 15 min Quick Prestudy 4-12 Hz Dbb/surf Calming/focusing, create the mood for study
L02 16 min Quick Poststudy 1-12 Hz Dbb/surf Relaxed delta integration and return to awareness
L03 51 min Assisted Assimilation 6-12 Hz bb surf Tries for the hypnogogic state for suggestibility
L04 28 min Learning Preparation 4-20 Hz Tone An adaptation of classic light/sound learning
L05 42 min Logical Learning 4-24 Hz Dbb Spocks approach to learning
L06 44 min Language Learning 5-12 Hz Dbb Relaxation for rote learning
L07 30 min Memory/Recall 4.5-14 Hz bb/surf Tries for the hypnogogic state
L08 5 min Focus 10-24 Hz Dbb Preparation for tasks that invlve focused attention
L09 10 min Unstick 1.5-24 Hz Dbb Ramping pitches and smooth changes for focus
L10 22 min Theta Conditioning 1-20 Hz Tone Deep relaxation/learning targeting the theta range
L11 43 min Total Recall 1-20 Hz Dbb Use with music from the era you wish to recall
L12 43 min Baroque Beat 1-24 Hz Dbb Dbb in counterpoint, baroque music’s main features
L13 44 min Accelerated learning 5-16 Hz Tone Classical AVS session for relaxation and retention
Energize E01 18 min Pre-Workout 1-21 Hz Dbb Psych up for a workout
E02 17 min AM Pumper 1-14 Hz Dbb A gentle ramp up for the day
E03 24 min Afternoon Power Booster 2-24 Hz Tone/Surf Relax then energize
E04 5 min Revup 7-42 Hz Dbb Beta and gama waves and low pitches for a charge
E05 10 min Varoom 1-42 Hz Dbb A motivational session, a body/mind tonic
E06 5 min Wired 21-42 Hz Dbb Gamma waves, beta waves and stretching pitches
E07 30 min Nap ‘n Zap 2.5-28 Hz Dbb Relaxation followed by energizing beta blast
E08 15 min Turbo 10-34 Hz Dsb Low pitches and high powered beta offset Hz
E09 30 min Sportswave 16-30 Hz Tone Designed for high alertness activities
E10 43 min Alpha Beta Corridor 1-36 Hz Dbb Sustains in the alert Hz, use with up-beat music
E11 43 min Beta 2 1-40 Hz Dbb Use with any music that totally inspires you
E12 18 min Hi N-R-G 1-20 Hz Dbb 1-20 Hz of beta offset frequencies and low pitch
E13 23 min UMPH 14-42 Hz Dbb A great tonic to use first thing in the morning
Create/Visualize C01 23 min Music Creativity 3-24 Hz Chord Musical effects to inspire musical creativity
C02 28 min Hyper Alert Creativity 20-40 Hz Dual bb Energizing, sharpen perception
C03 28 min Problem Solving 7.8-30 Hz Surf Relaxing/Energizing/Alternating stimulation
C04 52 min Imagination Stimulation 5-42 Hz Dual bb Broad range, actively moving stimulation
C05 16 min Quick Inspiration 4.5-12Hz Chord Moves thru alpha and theta for relaxed creativity
C06 31 min Active Visualization 4-12 Hz Dual bb Alpha/theta ramps encourage visualization
C07 23 min Mental Image Development 4.5-42 Hz Tone A variation on the theme of C06
C08 46 min Dreamy Visuals 4.5-11 Hz Dbb/surf Stepped soothing theta for dreamlike images
C09 30 min Hemispheric Cross-Talk 1-42 Hz Tone/surf Ramps and steps in alternating phase
C10 10 min Reset 1.5-30 Hz Dbb Dbb, ramps and rapid changes
C11 4 min Mindspin 3-40 Hz Dsb A twisting, turning, visual trip, great wth music
C12 43 min V i s u a l i z e! 1-15 Hz Dbb Have a goal in mind while using this session
C13 43 min Right brain Boost 3-26 Hz Dbb Use for activities such as drawing, music
C14 43 min left Brain Boost 5-24 Hz Dsb Use for focus activities, work with numbers
Entertain/Fun F01 19 min Black Hole 1-42 Hz Dual bb A wild voyage with swirling dual binaural beats
F02 26 min Primal 3’s and 1’s 3-36 Hz Dual bb Go primitive spiritual with mystic 3’s
F03 35 min Nirvanaphoria 1-24 Hz bb surf Musical microloops of pure enjoyment
F04 25 min Orbital Motion & Spin 3.5-12 Hz Dual bb Movement and rhythm plus alpha relaxation
F05 16 min Photo Coaster 1-42 Hz Dual bb The PHOTOSONIX photocoaster
F06 28 min Mr. O’s Wild Ride 1-42 Hz Tone/surf Microloops and ramps with a motorcycle sound
F07 15 min Sensual Magic 7-42 Hz Dual bb Erotic Encouragement
F08 40 min Kaleidoscope 1-40 Hz Tone Experience the kaleidoscopic color patterns
F09 27 min A Muse Ment Park 1.5-40 Hz Mixed Unexpected twists and turns give a lively feel
F10 10 min Salt ‘N’ Pepper 1-42 Hz Dbb A light/sound shaker carnival ride adaptation
Special P01 20 min Low Range Aerobic Jumps 4-10 Hz Mixed Random 5 second jumps in alpha/theta
P02 20 min Mid Range Aerobic Jumps 7-13 Hz Mixed Random 5 second jumps in alpha
P03 20 min High Range Aerobic Jumps 10-18 Hz Chord Random 5 second jumps in alpha/beta
P04 30 min Remedy Session 10 Hz bb/surf Back to normal
P05 20 min Hut-Ten-Hut! 10,18 Hz Chord Assists in reducing distractions
P06 18 min Banish the Winter Blues 30-40 Hz Chord Flickering lights help with dark day blues
P07 15 min Left Brain 3-24 Hz Dsb Left hemisphere stimulation in beta
P08 15 min Right Brain 3-24 Hz Dsb Right hemisphere stimulation
P09 20 min Left Hemisphere 7-42 Hz Dsb Stimulates the left while subdues the right
P10 18 min Right Hemisphere 7-42 Hz Dsb Stimulates the right while subdues the left
P11 43 min Increase Personal magnetism 3-42 Hz Dsb Feel better about yourself, increase personal energy